Bar Menu

Our Daily Special Bar Menu changes regularly with the seasons. 

Main Course
Homemade Steak & Onion Pie £6.55
Roast Chicken £6.25
Sausage & Egg £6.15

Gammon with Pineapple or Egg £7.15
Scampi £6.45
Fresh Beer Battered Fish Cod £6.45
Golden Fillet of Plaice £6.55
Hadddock in Batter £6.45
(All the above are served with Chips, Jacket or Boiled Potatoes and suitably garnished.)
Chicken Curry £6.50

Chilli Con Carne £6.50

Jacket Potatoes
Prawns in Rosemary Sauce £4.85
Tuna & Mayonaise £4.15
Cheese (with Beans, Coleslaw or Ham) £4.15
Curry £4.15

Ham £6.15
Chicken £6.15
Prawn £6.55

Lasagne, Cilli or Curry £6.15

Childrens Choices
Chicken Nuggets, Beefburger or Fish Fingers £2.85
Beef £3.85
(All served with Chips or Vegetables)

Freshly made Rolls & Sandwiches
Ham/Beef/Cheese & Onion/Tuna Mayo £1.95
Prawn £2.95

Extra Side Orders
Onion Rings £1.65
Coleslaw £1.30
Vegetables £1.65
Chips or Jacket Potato £1.90

Soup and a Roll £2.80
Roll and Butter 65p

Gateaux, Hot Pudding or Homemade Fruit Pies £2.95

(All served with Fresh Cresm, Custard or Ice Cream)
Ice Cream £1.50

Tea/Pot of Tea £1.00/£1.80
Coffee/Pot of Coffee £1.20/£2.40








A selection of sweets are available together with tea or coffee





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